TruckWarn turn assist systems

Turn assist systems for trucks, buses and vans. Simply retrofit.

TruckWarn's assistance systems are special developments for trucks, waste collection vehicles, buses and vans, as well as for motor homes and caravans.

We have won the European Innovation Award 2021 in the field of safety with our DELUXE system.

Whether turn assist systems, blind spot assistants or even reversing aids and alarm systems. They offer optimal protection and safety at a fair price. We have made it our business to develop reliable and affordable safety systems, which can be retrofitted to any vehicle.

Our systems are continuously developed and adapted to the needs and special requests of our customers in the best possible way.

TruckWarn stands for RELIABLE systems at a fair price:

  • OEM quality easy retrofitting
  • Easy to operate
  • Inexpensive to purchase and maintain

Whether for buses, vans or trucks - a turn assist systems, a blind spot assistant or a reversing aid bring many advantages, can prevent accidents and even save lives. Would you like to know if there is a cyclist next to your vehicle in the blind spot or if there is an obstacle behind your trailer or van when reversing? Then you'll find a variety of high-quality offers and solutions here to retrofit a blind spot assistant, install an alarm system for your safety, or install a rear cross traffic alert system for more safety.

Pedestrians and cyclists are particularly at risk in road traffic when turning from trucks and buses. Unfortunately, serious accidents, even fatal ones, occur time and again.

Turn assist systems and blind spot assistants can support and relieve the driver in unclear traffic situations.

Using acoustic and visual signals, a sophisticated system of sensors, cameras and monitors warns drivers of dangers in the vehicle's so-called blind spot caused by cyclists, pedestrians or other vulnerable road users.

TruckWarn turn assist systems and blind spot assistants are easy to install and inexpensive to purchase.

Usually eligible for funding via De-minimis or BaG funding program for turn assistance systems "AAS".

We have won the European Innovation Award 2021 in the field of safety for our DELUXE system!

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