Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb Kiel (ABK) installs turn assist system DELUXE PLUS 4

Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb Kiel (ABK)

Source: https://www.abki.de/news-detail/abbiegeassistenten.html

4 sensors, a camera, a live screen and an LED display signal screen - the first 10 of 20 existing waste disposal vehicles have now been retrofitted with this equipment by the Pinneberg-based company R.W. Automobile.

The system is a Truck!Warn DE LUXE 4 PLUS turn-off assistant system for trucks (ASS) from the Breitenberg-based company H3M Zukunft mit Sicherheit GmbH. It is an additional technical device for more safety in road traffic and warns the driver if pedestrians or cyclists could be endangered when turning right.

Similar to the function of the parking sensor, objects are detected via camera and infrared sensors when the turn signal is set and a warning signal is emitted both visually and acoustically.

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