Flashing module for side marker lights - flashing SML according to ECE R48 REV 6

Blinkmodul für Seitenmarkierungsleuchten - Blinkende SML nach ECE R48 REV 6

Use side marker lights (SML) as additional turn signals

More visibility of the turn signal when turning through flashing side marker lights.
With the BM50 / BM100 turn signal module, you can have the side marker lights on the truck, van or trailer flash along as additional turn signals.

This increases the visibility of the turn signal and the turning process for cyclists and other weaker road users many times over and thus ensures much more safety when turning.


The BM50 flashing module allows the side marker lamps to flash as additional flashers.
The module detects the status of the side marker lamps and flashes the connected side marker lamps at the same flashing frequency so that the SML always flash synchronously with the main flashing signal.
This significantly increases the visibility of the set turn signal and the upcoming turn process and can thus be better perceived by cyclists in the blind spot.

A BM50 control module is required for the right turn signal and the left turn signal in order to control each side of the side marker lights.


  • BM50 flasher module / BM100 set of 2 for right and left SML sides
  • Side marker lights flash synchronously with the turn signal of the towing vehicle
  • Electronic switching without feedback and therefore no error messages from the light control unit
  • LED suitable
  • Very small design and can therefore also be installed directly in the distribution box
  • IP69K for external installation on the vehicle or the trailer
  • Ideal for retrofitting to any type of vehicle, whether truck, van or even semitrailer / trailer
  • Also serves as an optimal addition to the turn assistant, as the turning process for cyclists can be perceived much better.
  • Complies with ECE R48 REV 6
  • ECE Regulation 48, Rev. 6 specifies, among other things, that the side marker lights on vehicles (over 3.5t) must flash in the same phase and frequency as the corresponding direction indicators.

Part number:

BM50: Blinkmodul
BM100: 2er-Set Blinkmodul (links + rechts)

Technical data

  • maximum load: 1A
  • operating voltage: 10...32 Volt
  • approval: R10 (EMC)
  • Complies with ECE R48 REV 6

Protection class: IP69K


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Blinkmodul Seitenmarkierungsleuchten BM100 (2er Set links + rechts)






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TruckWarn Seitenmarkierungsleuchten Blinkmodul BM50
TruckWarn Seitenmarkierungsleuchten Blinkmodul BM50