Lauenburg Fire Department retrofits turn assist system from the TruckWarn company

Feuerwehr Lauenburg rüstet TruckWarn Abbiegeassistenten nach

From SPN In Aktuelles  8 Dec 2020


The town of Lauenburg was also able to invest in the safety of its residents thanks to a grant from BAG. The fire department's large trucks were equipped with turn assistants or blind spot assistants. "The large trucks pose dangers, so we keep reading about terrible accidents in which cyclists or pedestrians are hit by trucks," explains fire chief Lars Heuer. "To prevent such a dicey situation from happening in the first place, the truck warning system was retrofitted," Heuer continues. The company R.W. Automobile from Pinneberg installed the systems on a total of 6 large vehicles over two days. In addition to a wide-angle camera, 4 radar sensors were installed on each passenger side. A monitor was also installed in the cockpit in the direction of the passenger mirror. This can be used to view the area that is usually not covered by the existing mirrors. "Very few of us are professional drivers, most of our machinists only drive such large trucks during training services or in the event of an operation," explains specialist manager Timo Naujoks. "At service evenings, we train again and again in the handling and driving of the fire trucks, but in the field, the stress is added," says Naujoks. "The new system is different from competitors, so drivers often complain about annoying beeping at every traffic light pole," explains one of the mechanics. With the installed system: Truck-Warn Deluxe Plus-4 the signal tone only sounds in the inner radar range up to 50cm and also only when the turn signal is set to the right. The areas up to 1m are symbolized in an LED display over the monitor orange and up to 2m yellow. From a driving speed of 30 km/h GPS measured the system switches off. The system is not necessary on the driver's side, as the driver's viewing angle is significantly better. "We are pleased about the plus in safety for our drivers but also for the citizens of the city of Lauenburg," says Wehrführer Heuer in conclusion.

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