The new London "Direct vision standard" rule

Die neue London-Regel Direct vision standard

The new London rule

Truck safety permits for operators entering the Greater London area.

The new regulations will apply to vehicles with more than 12 tons gross vehicle weight (GVW) from October 2020.


Since the end of October 2020, the so-called "Direct Vision Standard" applies to all vehicles with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of more than 12 tons entering London and its 32 boroughs. All of the above vehicles require a permit (HGV safety permit), which defines standards for the driver's visibility from his cabin.

The goal of this new regulation is to minimize the immensely high number of accidents of cyclists and pedestrians with trucks, based on the "Zero Vision Plan". According to this plan, the number of accidents involving bicyclists and pedestrians should be reduced to zero by the year 2041. All vehicles concerned, including those from abroad, will be required to have such a permit.

Violations will be subject to fines of 550 British pounds from March 2021.

Permission to enter Greater London will only be granted to vehicles with a certain rating:

  • Vehicle manufacturers award 0 to 5 stars, based on the driver's direct view from his or her cab, for the basic features of their vehicles as they come off the assembly line.
  • You need at least one star for permission to enter Greater London.
  • Vehicles that do not have at least one star rating must have additional systems (devices) to support indirect vision. The star rating has no influence on this, but the retrofitting enables the vehicle to be allowed to enter the Greater London area.

Registrations (permits) (HV safety permit) for one or more vehicles can be made on the following website:

More detailed information (UK-London rule) is available on the following website in English:

What this is all about is written right at the beginning of the site:

"The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) and the Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) Safety Permit require operators of trucks over 12 tons gross weight to obtain a safety permit before entering and operating in most parts of Greater London. Failure to do so may result in a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)."

The penalty announced here is currently 550 British pounds. So entering without a permit can be quite costly.

Für alle Null-Sterne-Fahrzeuge, die eine Genehmigung benötigen, sind folgende Sicherheitsausrüstungen Bedingung:

  1. Class V mirror must be mounted on the rear of the vehicle
  2. Class VI mirror must be mounted on the front of the vehicle.
  3. Side underride protection must be fitted to both sides of the vehicle (unless this is impractical or proves impossible).
  4. External pictorial decals and markings must be affixed to vehicles to warn vulnerable road users of hazards in the vicinity of the vehicle
  5. A sensor system that alerts the driver to the presence of an unprotected road user must be mounted on the side of the vehicle
  6. Audible vehicle maneuvering alerts shall be mounted to warn vulnerable road users when a vehicle is turning left
  7. A fully functional camera surveillance system shall be mounted on the rear of the vehicle

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