The TruckWarn turn assistants FLEX monitor the blind spot next to the vehicle and support the driver in early detection of dangerous situations. Cyclists, pedestrians and other weaker road users are thus detected earlier.

The driver can be alerted to various dangers by means of LEDs on the A-pillar, a warning tone or a vibration pad.


TruckWarn Abbiegeassistent FLEX

Turning assistant FLEX BUS 2.0


Flex Bus 2.0 TruckWarn
The TruckWarn turn assist system FLEX BUS 2.0, as a system with 1 main unit and 2 cameras, monitors the blind spot next to the vehicle and offers a flexible monitoring range from 15 meters to 28 meters, so that the entire length of the vehicle can be monitored and cyclists can be detected much earlier and even at higher speeds.