Truck Blind Spot Full Blind Zone System AKTIV 24V

TruckWarn Toter Winkel Assistent 24 Volt

Blind Spot Assist for the truck - This system can save lives.

Have full control and especially full overview of your truck. The system monitors when turning or changing lanes whether other vehicles, cyclists or people are next to your vehicle and shows you the danger by a flashing LED and a clearly audible warning tone. Don't just change your angle of vision but even save a life in the worst case.

Full Blind System AKTIV for trucks, vans, buses or special vehicles

The TruckWarn Blind Spot Assistant ACTIVE monitors the "blind spot" next to the truck or van and serves to effectively avoid accidents when turning or changing lanes. The side scan system detects bicyclists, vehicles or even persons that are next to the vehicle and reports them by an LED or additionally warns by an alarm sound if someone is in the danger zone. The 4 side sensors monitor the area that you as a driver cannot see at all or only to a limited extent via the mirrors and thus helps you to get a better overview of your vehicle, even when you have to negotiate unclear intersections.

Blind spot assistant for retrofitting and subsequent installation in all types of trucks, special vehicles, vans or buses

The TruckWarn blind spot assistant has been specially designed so that it can be retrofitted into all types and designs of trucks and vans as a blind spot system. The blind spot sensors can be adjusted in height and distance to the vehicle conditions in order to cover the blind spot next to the truck in an optimal way. The cable lengths have already been selected so that they are optimally designed for most trucks. However, the sensor cables can be easily adapted to the required lengths. This means that the optimum place for the sensors can be determined depending on the vehicle design or even for special bodies. The sensors can be mounted directly in or also on the bumper, in plastic covers, the underride guard or wheel covers. Special sensor metal holders are optionally available for surface mounting.

Activation via turn signal and brake circuit

The TruckWarn Blind Spot Assist ACTIVE can be easily retrofitted to any vehicle. The sensors and warning zones are activated via the turn signal and brake light. The TruckWarn Blind Spot Assist is specially designed for trucks with a 24Volt vehicle battery. Alternatively, the same system is available as "TruckWarn Blind Spot Assist 12V" for vans, Sprinters, panel vans, small vans with a 12Volt battery - regardless of whether they are panel vans, flatbeds or have a special body.

3 adjustable warning zones

The monitoring area can be adjusted, depending on the requirements and installation height, by simple dip switches on the alarm box, so that the system can be mounted optimally for the blind spot. There are 3 warning zones, to which you can adjust the warning LED and alarm sound according to your needs:

Mounting as blind spot assistant right side of the vehicle.

The 4 sensors are mounted on the passenger side. The main sensor is used to monitor the area directly in front of the vehicle, which is a great help especially at pedestrian lights. The three other sensors monitor the blind spot area, which is difficult or impossible to see through the side mirrors. The sensors detect if there are e.g. bicyclists or objects like side barriers directly next to your vehicle. Via the LED possible dangers are indicated up to a distance of 2.00 meters. If something is in the main warning area (adjustable to 50cm or 100cm), this is additionally reported by a warning tone.

XXL detection range + mounting of the sensors

A total of four sensors are used to monitor the blind spot. The sensors detect an area up to 200cm next to the vehicle and can distinguish up to 3 warning zones and thus 3 warning levels. Depending on the design of the vehicle, the sensors can be mounted at different heights and at different distances from each other. The sensors can be inserted directly into the plastic skirt or the side wall. Where the sensors cannot be inserted into the housing or plastic parts, our separately orderable body holders can help. The sensor holders can be used optimally to mount the sensors e.g. under the vehicle body box or on/under the underride protection, thus using the optimal space for the side sensors.

Product features

  • Full blind zone system-24V for Motorhomes
  • Specially designed for motorhomes with a 24Volt vehicle battery
  • Full control over the blind spot
  • Danger detection when turning/ changing lanes
  • LED display + warning tone individually selectable
  • Warning tone also suitable for hearing aid users
  • Latest ultrasonic technology
  • Detection range adjustable
  • Sensors can be painted in car color
  • Concealed installation possible
  • Warning by LED and warning tone
  • Optimal safety: warning tone when starting
  • Waterproof wiring IP 67
  • Can be used for passenger side and driver side
  • 4 sensors XXL side detection area
  • Vehicle, cyclist, person detection
  • 3 safety zones as optimal warning zones
  • Activation optional by blinker or permanent active
  • Danger signal by LED and warning tone


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Toter-Winkel-Assistent AKTIV 2.3 / 24Volt - AKTIV2.3-24VTW






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