TruckWarn Turning Assistant DELUXE PLUS 6

H3M Abbiegeassistent DELUXE PLUS 6 mit Kamera + Monitor

Our "7 in 1" turn assistant DELUXE PLUS 6 not only serves as a turn assistant on the right side of the vehicle, but it also offers a turn assistance on the left, a protection against maneuvering damage on the left and right, as well as an alarm system for driver protection at night and tank protection against diesel theft. This makes this turn-off system unique in its type and function. The turn-off assistant DELUXE PLUS-6 has an ABE (general operating permit according to the BMVI guidelines) and is eligible for up to 80% funding within the framework of the funding pot turn-off assistant AAS.

Even the "best professional driver" cannot monitor a blind spot with the naked eye, nor can any turn-off assistant alone prevent accidents. Only the combination of a sophisticated TruckWarn turn-off assistant and you as a professional driver can help. Avoid turning accidents and protect the weaker road users, such as cyclists, e-scooters and pedestrians.

The TruckWarn Turning Assistant DELUXE PLUS 6 actively scans for obstacles (potential hazards) using six special ultrasonic sensors, thus supporting the driver in his daily work. The system has three adjustable warning zones and works consistently reliably during the day and at night. The LED display and the warning tone are individually adjustable, and the warning tone is also suitable for hearing aid users.

The warning zones are activated by GPS speed signal and blinker. There are three safety zones as optimal warning zones in the blind spot. Bicyclists, people, vehicles and also side barriers are detected.

If you compare the initial cost with the potential damage, material alone, this investment pays for itself in a very short time.

Our "7 in 1" in the TruckWarn Turning Assistant DELUXE PLUS 6

  1. Bicyclist protection as active blind spot turning system right
  2. Camera and monitor system right
  3. Lane change assist right
  4. Turning assistance left
  5. Protection against maneuvering damage right and left
  6. Alarm system, protects against robbery at night and diesel theft
  7. Vehicle protection against damage


  • Blind spot turn assistant for trucks for right and left side
  • Camera - Monitor- System
  • Installation possible at any construction and vehicle height
  • Latest ultrasonic technology
  • 6 ultrasonic XXL sensors
  • 4 sensors right and 2 sensors left
  • GPS speed activation up to 30km/h
  • LED-DELUXE-Display with indication where the obstacle is located
  • Warning tone also suitable for hearing aid users
  • Functions consistently reliable day and night
  • Maintenance-free (long-term cost-neutral)
  • Eligible for up to 80% subsidies via the AAS turn-off assistant subsidy program
  • ABE (general operating permit according to BMVI guidelines) ​​​​​​​
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DELUXE PLUS-6 (ABE) Truck!Warn Abbiegeassistent DELUXE PLUS-6






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TruckWarn Abbiegeassistent Iveco DELUXE-PLUS
TruckWarn Abbiegeassistent Iveco DELUXE-PLUS
Feuerwehr Abbiegeassistent TruckWarn DELUXE-PLUS-6
Feuerwehr Abbiegeassistent TruckWarn DELUXE-PLUS-6