TruckWarn WFS II - Security - Lock immobilizer

Truck!Warn WFS II - Security-Lock Wegfahrsperre


The Truck!Warn Security-Lock immobilizer WFS II is a highly efficient and individually usable immobilizer for trucks, agricultural machinery as well as construction vehicles. It prevents unauthorized starting of the engine and secures the vehicle against theft. The immobilizer can only be deactivated again with the currently valid release code.

Easy activation of the immobilizer

  • The driver activates the lock directly on the control unit by pressing the button.
  • Alternatively, the control unit can send a lock code directly to the vehicle.

Immobilizer active

When the immobilizer is activated, the starting process is prevented by interrupting a supply line to the engine starter. This means that all functions, such as interior lighting, power supply, etc., are still guaranteed, but the engine cannot be started. If required, other vehicle components can also be deactivated.

Activation possible via different security levels

Level 1: The release code is sent to a smartphone and then entered directly into the control unit via the integrated keypad.

Level 2: The release code can only be transferred to the control unit via a paired smartphone using Bluetooth. Advantageous if structural conditions such as tunnels make it difficult to send an SMS.

Level 3: The control center sends the code DIRECTLY to the control unit via SMS. Thus, the control center releases the vehicle directly and the driver could not unlock the vehicle even under threat of (armed) force.

Central control for optimum safety of the system

The activation code for deactivating the immobilizer can be changed or blocked at any time by the control center via SMS code. Fixed mobile numbers additionally secure third-party access so that only authorized devices can address the system.

Status and sabotage messages:

  • The control center is always informed via SMS status message:
  • Immobilizer has been activated
  • Immobilizer has been deactivated
  • Sabotage messages
  • If an incorrect release code is entered
  • Too many incorrect entries have been made = master lock has been activated! (Can only be released again by the master code!)

Various optional functions possible:

  • GPS tracking
  • Customizable functions and messages
  • Additional security levels and release functions

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